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Bike rental MTB

RENT A BIKE TO EXPLORE THE NATURE IN GLOPPEN!  We have bikes that you can bring out of the roads and enter the trail and dirtroad web in Gloppen. 15 full supspension MTB's 2 electrical MTB's THIS IS INCLUDED WHEN YOU RENT A BIKE: Safety equipment: Helmet, gloves and knee protectiones.   PICK UP AND DELIVERY: At Intersport Sandane or Nordfjord Folkehøgskule.   WIDERØE'S FLY AND BIKE: If you book a bike via Widerøe's "Fly and Bike", remember to let us know if you want to pick up the bike at the airport or in town. Also notify us about your approxomate arrival time.   PRICE: 24 hr rental: Full suspension MTB: NOK 580 Electrical MTB: NOK 480   ​Please contact us if you want to rent a bike for more than 24 hr's. Mountain Bike: GIANT 16 TRANCE 27.5 & Rocky Mountain Altitude Electrical bikes:  We highly recommend that you use safety equiptment We also recommend to bring a windproof jacket, backpack and a bottle of water.

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Rent a kayak

We are renting out kayaks! THIS IS INCLUDED Kayak, spray skirt, paddle, life jacket, wetsuit/drysuit PICK-UP & DELIVERY The kayaks can be picked up and delivered in Grandeparken in Sandane, or at Nordfjord Folkehøgskule.  Contact us if you want to pick up or deliver somewhere else. For a little payment, we can transport the kayaks to different places in the area. PRICE: 490 NOK per day To be able to rent a kayak, you must have turned 18 years old, and have "våttkort" from the Norwegian paddling Association or similar certification of basic skills. If you have våttkort or equivalent certification, you can rent a kayak for 1 person without certification, but we recommend everyone to take a course and become certified. We suggest you consider the weather and weather forecast when planning the route. Remember that the wind can quikly both increase in strength and turn around. Kayak close to shore both for the sake of your safety and the experience. Bring enough warm clothes and food and water.

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River Kayaking

Nordfjord has a lot of rivers suitable for kayaking. Gentle and slow rivers for beginners, and challenging white water rapids for experienced kayakers. Contact us for a good offer.

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Gjegnen - a challenging full-day adventure

  From 0 to1670 masl, and back - in an coastal area with alpine terrain and high peaks. The day starts early in a boat on the Nordfjord fjord and disembark on a remote and isolated farm. We hike uphill first through the forest, before it opens up, we get a good view, and suddenly we're high up in a wild and barren terrain with glaciers, rocks and crystal blue mountain lakes. We rope up, hike across the glacier, and continue to "the gallery" - a shelf on top of a 1200 meter tall rock face with an amazing view. From there we head straight for the top of Gjegnen, 1670 masl. The view is spectacular! From the ocean to the west, to sharp peaks in Sunnmøre and impressive mountain massifs in Nordfjord and Sogn.  As mentioned we scale 1670 vertical meters - so it's a serious hike in a challenging area. This require stamina and strenght and you need to be in very good shape to participate on this trip. We're outside for 12-14 hours in challenging terrain in changing weather and temperatures. Information: Participants: Min 3 - max 6 Price: 2500 NOK per pers. Dates: July 1st, 9th, and 16th. (Tuesdays) (Can also be arranged other dates on request) Time of day: 8am to 8-10 pm (12-14 hours) Meeting point: The dock in Hestenesøyra, Gloppen. Included: Experienced guide Glacier equipment boat from Hestenesøyra to Mettenes and back You fix: Day pack 30-40L Wind and water proof outer layer Warm insulating layer (fleece, wool, down, primaloft) Mittens, hat, scarf (even though it's summer and hot) Good and stabile hiking boots Sun glasses and sun screen Plenty of food and water

Guided hiking

We can guide you where you want to go. Or we can suggest a trip that suits you and your group. The mountains in Nordfjord invite to both long and short trips in both gentle and steep terrain. Tell us what you want, and we'll customize for you. The fjord landscape makes a perfect framework for the hike no matter where we go. And our guides are skilled in safety and conveying good experiences for their guests. So book a hike to the perfect mountain, lake, hill or forest for you.  

Bike guide

Ride together with a guide to get a good start on your stay in Gloppen. The guide will show you where to start, and which trails that are the best for your skill level and the conditions. You decide yourself for how long you want the guide, and the aim of your bike ride. 1 - 3 persons (price per guide) 2 hours: 1350NOK 3 hours: 1950NOK 6 hours: 3700NOK 4 - 8 persons (price per guide) 2 hours: 1800NOK 3 hours: 2600NOK 6 hours: 4500NOK

Bike Instructor

A customized bike trip where we focus on improving and learning. Get the basics if you're a beginner, or if you're more experienced choose a skill you would like to improve, and we'll focus on that. Venues can be anything from the pumptrack and easy beginner trails to practicing drops and jumps on challenging trails. Everyone are welcome regardless of skill level. 1 - 3 persons (price per instructor) 2 hours: 1350NOK 3 hours: 1950NOK 6 hours: 3700NOK 4 - 8 persons (price per instructor) 2 hours: 1800NOK 3 hours: 2600NOK 6 hours: 4500NOK

Trad climbing - learn how to place gear - Course - 3 days

Ønskjer du å ta steget vidare til å klatre på eigne sikringar? Våre profesjonelle instruktørar gir deg ein god og trygg start. Kurset går over 3 dagar der ein kan velje om ein ønskjer å bruke 2 kveldar og ein full dag, eller 3 fulle dagar. Ein følgjer ein natureleg progresjon der ein dei to første kveldane øver seg å setje sikringar, lage standplassar og rappellere på kanskje Noregs beste opplæringsfelt for klatring; Sageflåten, før ein på den siste dagen klatrar ei rute med fleire taulengder og får prøve ut taulagsrutiner i praksis. Informasjon: Deltakarar: Minimum 3, maks. 8 Pris: 4900 kr per pers. Datoar: på førespurnad Inkludert: Erfaren og kvalifisert guide Sikringsmiddel til klatringa (men du kan bruke eigne om du ønskjer) Dette ordnar du: Transport Overnatting Vind- og vasstett yttertøy varmt mellomlag (tjukk fleece/ull) vottar, hue og skjerf gode tursko personleg klatreutstyr (sele, sko, hjelm og taubrems og skrukarabinar) mat og drikke

4 days of ski touring in Kandal

Let a skilled local guide lead you to the good snow conditions that give you the magnificent feeling of flow you’re looking for. Why? Because Nordfjord is not yet discovered, so your chances of fresh snow are big. What? 4 days of spectacular peaks, Norwegian fjord landscape and unforgettable experiences. The exact location and the selection of mountains will depend on the snow conditions. A skilled UIAGM/IFMGA guide with good local knowlegde and will guide you safely to the good snow. Who? For you who want the extra dimension to your trip that only a guide’s local knowledge can give; Safety and the good snow. When: March - May on request Accomodation: We are happy to help you to find a place to stay. Just write us a message, and we'll come with some suggestions.

Sea Kayaking

You don't get any closer to the fjord than in a sea kayak. Experience the characteristic fjord landscape of Gloppen. The Gloppe Fjord is surrounded by mountains raising 1200 meters above the fjord, but between the mountains and the fjord, you find a less steep green belt of farmland with small scale fruit and berry farms. The open landscape makes the perfect framework for the kayaking, and our guides accompany you on a journey through both nature and culture. No matter if you're skilled or just want to try kayaking, we want you to join us in our exploration of the fjord landscape. Requeirements: Good physical condition and no shoulder injuries. Please inform us about any medical condition like Asthma, epilepsy, back pains, knee problems etc. Information: When: June 17th - August 18th: Every Monday and Friday (Other days on request) Meeting point: Grandeparken in Sandane at 12.00 Duration: 3 hours Languages: English & Norwegian Minimum: 3 guests Price: 990NOK Age: Minimum 12 years Included: Kayak and paddle Life jacket & dry suit/wet suit (if needed) Kayaking guide You fix: Suitable hiking/activity clothing suitable for the weather and temperature. 1 extra set of warm clothes if you get wet  Lunch pack

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Guided mountain bike tours

In 3 hours, our guides show you the best spots, the secret trails, and the beautiful nature in Gloppen. But, don't tell anyone - it's still a secret.   Gloppen has recently gotten a rapidly growing comunity of mountain bikers, allowing us to get skilled and experienced guides. New trails are developed in record speed, and they are made sustainable so they can be used during most conditions. The amount of good trails give us the option to choose the perfect trail for every group in any weather conditions. Information: When: June 17th - August 18th: Every Wednesday and Saturday (Other days on request) Meeting point: Intersport Sandane at 12.00 Duration: 3-4 hours Language: Engelsk, Norwegian Minimum: 2 persons Price: 990 NOK (1500 NOK including bike rental) Age: Minimum 12 years (>145cm for bike rental) Included: Full suspension mountain bike Helmet and knee pads Bike guide You fix: Suitable hiking/activity clothing suitable for the weather and temperature. Extra insulating layer (to put on during breaks Good hiking boots or biking shoes Lunch pack If you bring your own bike, we recommend that you use your own safety equipment as well. Skills, weather and conditions are factors that the guide considers before chosing the route.

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Eggenipa Hike

One of the most iconic moutain shapes of Fjord Norway. Such a beautiful mountain, and the hike is even better. The terrain is open with only low vegetation, so you have a spectacular view during almost the whole hike. Our guides will give you an experience you won't soon forget, and will share their knowledge about the nature, culture and history. Requirements: The hike is long (6-8 hours) and steep, and requires that you're in good physical shape. Some parts are a bit exposed and steep as well, but our guides will assist you if needed. The top is 1330 masl, so there might be both more wind and colder than in the lowland where we start. Please inform us about any medical condition like Asthma, epilepsy, back pains, knee problems etc. Information: When: June 17th - August 18th: Every Thursday and Sunday (Other days on request) Meeting point: Parking lot at Eggestøylen at 10am Duration: 6-8 hours Languages: English & Norwegian Minimum: 3 guests Price: 850 NOK Age: Minimum 10 years Included: Skilled hiking guide You fix: Suitable hiking clothing water and wind proof outer layer Solid hiking boots warm insulating layer backpack (big enough to fit clothes, food and water) Lunch pack Minimum 1L of water. How to find the starting point: Coming from the north (Sandane, Stryn, Loen): In the town of Byrkjelo you continue towards Bergen for 5,3km on road E39. You turn left on a gravel road, drive through a small farm, and continue for 3,4km uphill until you come to the parking lot. Coming from the south (Bergen, Førde, Sogndal, Flåm): In the town of Skei, you chose the exit of the roundabout going to Ålesund. Drive on the main road (E39) for 14,5 km. As a narrow and beautiful valley you're driving through is opening a bit up, you see a farm on your right hand side. Turn right on a gravel road leading through this farm, and drive for 3,4km uphill until you come to the parking lot.

Avalanche course - 3 days

Who: For you who go ski touring or are exposing yourself to steep snow covered terrain, and wich to learn more about avalanches, weather, conditions, buddy rescue, and of course; how to find the best snow. What: A three-day course with a natural progression where we're building the knowledge step by step. When: Time on request.

Aktivitet - Teamutvikling - Moro

The communication tool Diversity Icebreaker creates the foundation for exciting humorous tasks and exciting activities. The focus throughout the event is on enhanced communication and good cooperation. And the combinations of activity, increased knowledge and wholeheartedly participation gives a long lasting effect for the company. Through collective reflection, involvement of positive emotions and, of course, activities, Gloppen Active gives the participants a common language. I addition to this we aim to teach how different people communicate differently, and how to use similarities and differences as an advantage for the team.