Guided hiking

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We can guide you where you want to go. Or we can suggest a trip that suits you and your group.
The mountains in Nordfjord invite to both long and short trips in both gentle and steep terrain. Tell us what you want, and we'll customize for you.
The fjord landscape makes a perfect framework for the hike no matter where we go. And our guides are skilled in safety and conveying good experiences for their guests. So book a hike to the perfect mountain, lake, hill or forest for you.


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Suggestions for hikes

Short (2-3 hours)

  • Traudalsvatnet - a short hike to a magnificent lake between steep mountains
  • Trivselsskogen - you've never seen a forest like this.
  • Myklandsstøylen - A fabulous valley with bleating goats, old farm buildings and spectacular mountains

Medium (3-5 hours)

  • Haugsvarden - The mountain furthest out on the Nordfjord ridge peninsula. Wounderful view of 3 fjords.
  • Svinestranda - Higher than Haugsvarden, but in the same mountain range - beautiful views


  • Ryssdalshornet - The iconic Mountain above the town of Sandane
  • Eggenipa - A pyramid shaped beauty in Breim.
  • Hike around Breidalen - 3 mountains over 1000 masl - a trip that has everything from gentle brush and heather terrain to steep and alpine terrain
And of course. If you have other wishes, we're happy to help you realizing them. Contact us for a good offer.